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“She’s gone”-The turret disappeared over the balcony.

“She’s gone” He whispered.

“She’s gone” He agreed.

“Yep. She’s gone alright” The Seargant confirmed what they already knew

(They’re talking about a M/R Howitzer-125 Blowing itself to Bits.)

“There goes the fun…”





“Yep. Sure Thing.”

The Gunnery Seargant Looked Damned Hard at the Knob Used To Screw The Observation-Deck Around-Finding it was no use he began to peel the sticker off the remnants of the turret.

“She’s Fucked!” said The Gumnery Sargeant.

“And Dandy!!” Grace said with a wide grin.

“And How!!” said Leiftenant Sonny “Grimace” Golmes.

And I jus watched our luck return to the Shit-Boiler.